This is Diwali 2023

Hey, Hello! How it's going up.

Australia, Congrats for winning WC23

That's awesome news! Big cheers to Team Australia for clinching the victory. Their performance was top-notch, and they played like true champs. Way to go, AUS! 🏏🇦🇺

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Why is iNRiFy celebrating World cup for the first time?

iNRiFy is celebrating the World Cup for the first time because the ICC World Cup 2023 marks a historic milestone for the company. It could be the inaugural year of iNRiFy's active involvement or sponsorship in cricket events. This celebration might signify a new chapter for iNRiFy, showcasing its commitment to sports and possibly reflecting a recent partnership or engagement in cricket-related activities. The World Cup celebration aligns with iNRiFy's dedication to engaging with diverse and globally significant events. 🏏🌐 #iNRiFyCelebrates #WorldCup2023

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