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    iNRiFyP, our online POS, makes business transactions a breeze. It's accessible from anywhere, simplifying the hustle. Manage sales, inventory, and more with ease. It's a game-changer for businesses on the go.

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    Welcome to iNRiFy, where innovation meets convenience. We're an eclectic hub of digital solutions designed to simplify your daily life.

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    Our Creative Services

    iNRiFy is a dynamic platform that provides a suite of services to enhance security and convenience. This includes iNRiFy Alarms for robust security solutions.

    • App Development


      AroraDryFruits, an establishment with a legacy spanning over five decades, is embarking on a new journey into the realm of online retail. Our primary objective is to offer customers a good quality dry fruits.

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    • Graphic Design


      Get your sales, analysis, and much more... only at one place. Get the best! All for a little cost. iNRiFyP is one-n-only iNRiFy Point of Sale web software.

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      Patola Boutique By Manmeet

      we take pride in our commitment to quality. When it comes to materials for Patola Boutique.

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      Uniform Resource Locator

      This is a new service introduced by iNRiFy to have a short url for a short time for about 12 hours it is valid.

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      AlwaysN can get anything which is available on Wikipedia as in text format. Currently, It cannot make codes, write stories, or perform other tasks. Thank you for asking.

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    site versions

    Get to know how many versions of our site are made and why they were discontinued.

    • 01

      Mar 2023 #01

      Made using WordPress, Sole purpose of iNRiFy at that time was blogging. Discontinued because of site performances issues.

    • 02

      Apr 2023 #02

      Made using WordPress, Sole purpose of iNRiFy at that time was providing various services. Discontinued because of site performances issues.

    • 03

      July 2023 #3

      Site, Just before this. It was made using code, not by WordPress. The was Discontinued because of it's old, and darkish looks.

    • 04

      Nov 2023 #4

      iNRiFy's this site looks that a person came in a new-era of scrolling, It has many features (comming soon) such as Mini-Sites, Accounts, etc.

    You asked,
    We answered.

    • iNRiFy is a versatile platform offering a range of services, including iNRiFy Alarms, iNRiFy Cnvrtyy, and the now-discontinued iNRiFy Store.

    • iNRiFy Cnvrtyy focuses on image processing and UPI to QR code solutions, providing efficient and convenient tools for various applications.

    • No, the iNRiFy Store has been discontinued, but iNRiFy continues to provide its other services like iNRiFy Alarms and iNRiFy Cnvrtyy.

    • Of course, AroraDryFruits is operating its operations from 50 years, and has made its identity in offline market of dryfruits.